Dennis D’haese
Predicting Future GDP

Küresel Bağlamı
Scientific and Technical Innovation.
Sorgulayıcı Soru
Can GDP(Gross Domestic Products) be predicted.
Küresel Kalkınma Hedefleri
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Proje Özeti
This project is about predicting future GDP using mathematical formulas. I started this project with an ambition to learn something about economics. So at the start I had an unrealistic goal to predict the stock market. Realising it was not probable. I looked into other economic models. After a lot of research I decided to choose GDP. Choosing the topic is harder then it seems. The topic that you chose changes the possibility of finishing the project. My global context is scientific and technical innovations, my correlation is that humans and societies interaction with currency directly effects the economy thus indirectly interacting with societies. In a simpler way said societies are mirrors to the economy what happens to one happens to the other. What I achieved from this project is immense I have developed my research skills, thinking skills and management skills. I also have a more in-depth knowledge of the structure and systems of the economy. Can my project be helpful for others? No, the reason being that it is a tool to see how the economy would have went. It is possible to use this as an helping tool but you should never rely on this.