Lal Kılışlı
Eco-Greenhouse Designing

Project Global Context
Globalization and Sustainability
Inquiry Question
How can a greenhouse work in the least harmful way to the world?
Global Sustainable Goal
Climate Action
Project Abstract
Project aims to release sera gas as less as it can while planting healthy plants by using sustainable energy and trying to be less depletory. "Globalization and Sustainability" is the most interconnected global context with this project because of external factors such as light and internal factors such as pH, moisture and soil types are directly connected with the plant's growth and health. From the ATL skills, thinking skills are developed, videos are watched and research are made about a greenhouse to have an idea about designing a greenhouse. Communication skills are developed, always been in communication with the supervisor to get advice and develop my project. Self-management skills are developed, a schedule that separates the projects into steps is followed to complete every step of the project. Research skills are developed, detailed information about plant’s requirement and ideas about eco-greenhouse are researched. Project is connected with the “Climate Action Goal” from Global Sustainable Goals because project is about creating awareness and show how to get in action to prevent climate change. This project is important for others because it is giving knowledge and awareness about global warming and climate change by showing how much our choices affecting to the amount of damage on earth.