Işıkkent School accepts the applications of all educators, who are eager to be a part of an experienced team consisting of professional educators and a project-based learning environment that fosters collaboration and continuous development, for each branch and grade level throughout the year.

Job applications matching the criteria of our school are kept in our database for two years. They are reviewed when a job opening occurs and the applicants are invited for interviews based on our pre-selection procedures. Our school does not attempt to call for reference from their previous workplaces and collect information about the identity information and work principles of the applicants. All applications are considered in accordance with the confidentiality policy.

Our School reassures the well being of its students in all manners by Child Safeguarding Policy and all applicants will be asked a security clearance document from their last country of employment and go through a referance control in recruitment process. If you would like us to keep your CV in our database, you can send your CV to hr@isikkent.k12.tr.

Thank you for your interest in our school.