Foreign Language Learning Starts in Kindergarten

According to scientific research, the best way to learn a language is through immersion of the language into our daily routine. Thus, our Primary School and Early Learning Centre attach great importance to teaching English as well as the mother tongue, which is realised through “Bilingual Collaborative Teaching”.

We believe that foreign language acquisition is reinforced through experimentation in different real-life situations. For this reason, two homeroom teachers -one English and one Turkish speaking- collaboratively carry out the classroom activities throughout the day. Apart from practicing the functional aspect of the language, learning the lessons in both English and Turkish enables students to acquire the necessary infrastructure and terminology of the disciplines and branches.

English learning is a natural component of the daily life in the Işıkkent Early Learning Centre and Primary School. Language acquisition is supported with native teachers, and carried out through all grade levels in line with international standards. Through our language practices, we want our students to conduct global cultural studies, acquire the concept of international mindedness, and be multicultural.

Middle and High School Intensive English and Second Foreign Language Programmes

Işıkkent provides education both in English and Turkish bilingually. English is used in our daily lives around the school and is taught by native teachers in line with international language standards. Using world literature as a basis, the English programme helps students brainstorm into national and global values; and prepares them for the international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and SATs.

Students frequently reach the necessary level to pass the proficiency exams carried out by well-recognized universities in the UK, Canada and the US at the end of Grade 11 – which is beyond the level of proficiency exams in Turkey.

Students pick Spanish, Italian or French as their second foreign language, and become proficient at the end of their high school education.