From the ELC to the End of HS
Education with the IB Programmes

At IEK, HS students get prepared for their university education with the IB - MYP & DP (Diploma Programme).


Thanks to the holistic and skill-based perspective of the IB programmes, our students:

- Experience scientific work through a strong academic curriculum,
- Develop physically, intellectually and emotionally while constructing an ethical value system,
- Develop effective language skills in at least 2 languages,
- Become competent in classical academic subjects,
- Develop high-level skills on “learning how to learn” through TOK activities,
- See learning as an exciting life-long experience,
- Learn how to use time effectively,
- Get to know themselves and set their own goals based on their personal interests,
- Care about producing knowledge rathen than consuming it,
- Grow up as curious, versatile, creative and responsible individuals who enjoy doing research in line with the principle of academic honesty.

Students become qualified to receive their IB diplomas upon completing the IB Diploma Programme. The IB diploma provides students with various advantages regarding their university preferences.

IEK students become ready for university when they are at HS through globally recognized educational approaches.