IB & Turkish Universities

IB Diploma Programme help students gain an academic perspective on studying while acquiring skills required for higher education such as making a research, applying knowledge, establishing connections between different disciplines, writing an essay, managing projects and learning independently at HS level.

Some Turkish Universities provide students with scholarships based on their IB diploma grades.

IB & Foreign Universities

IB Diploma Programı, küresel ölçekte akademik eğitime hazırlayan bir programdır. 2 yıllık yoğun ve dengeli bir eğitim sonucu edinilen IB Diploması dünya çapında geçerliliği olan orta eğitim diplomasıdır. IB Diploma Programme prepares students for an academic education, which is at global level. IB diploma is received at the end of a two-year, intense and balanced education and is a diploma for secondary education, which is considered valid world-wide.

According to their IB diploma grades, our students get the chance to receive admission from prestigious and world-renowned universities.

IB DP students:

- Succeed in exams such as SAT, TOEFL and IELTS,
- Become proficient in English according to their HL English grades as part of their IB DP education,
- Use their HL grades, which are 6 and higher, as credits at some foreign universities to shorten their university education,
- Get the chance to be exempt from courses they took during their IB education,
- Receive admission from some universities without taking exams such as SAT and IELTS,
- Apply to and study at foreign universities without taking the national university entrance exam.

Thanks to the globally recognized IB programmes, our students gain various advantanges while studying at world-renowned universities.