Işıkkent School was established in 1998 by Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation to donate a principled, student-oriented and model school, which incorporates both national and international values, to the Turkish Education System.

In 1996, the foundation formed an Advisory Committee consisting of 40 people from different professions to get opinion about the school’s physical facilities, educational philosophy, teaching & learning approaches as well as its administrative and teaching staff. As a result of intensive workshops given by local and foreign advisers and goal-oriented studies carried out by the foundation, “Işıkkent School” was established with a meticulous educational philosophy, educational goals and physical facilities.

From 1998 to Present

Sept. 1998

Our educational activities have begun with ELC, Grade 1 and 2 students in Primary School.


Our Primary School
produced its first


Işıkkent High School
classes began with Prep
and Grade 9 students.

Dec. 2008

Işıkkent ELC and Primary School
were accredited by the Council
of International Schools (CIS).

June 2009

Işıkkent High School produced
its first graduates.

May 2011

Işıkkent School was accredited
by the University of Cambridge to
implement Cambridge International
Examinations (CIE) programmes.

July 2011

Işıkkent High School was
accredited by the CIS.


High school dormitory was opened.

Oct. 2013

Işıkkent School was granted the 2013 International Prism Award by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Işıkkent ELC and Primary School were authorized as the one and only IB – PYP (Primary Years Programme) School in the Aegean Region by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

May 2016

Işıkkent Middle School and High School were
accredited to implement the IB-MYP (Middle
Years Programme). After this accreditation,
Işıkkent Middle School became the one and
only MYP School in the Aegean Region, and
one of the 10 MYP Schools in Turkey.

May 2018

Işıkkent High School was accredited to
implement the IB-DP (Diploma Programme).
Işıkkent School became one of the 7 schools
in Turkey to implement all three IB programmes
from pre-school to high school.


ÇESVAK (Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation)

Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation (ÇESVAK) was established in order to improve the quality of education and healthcare in Turkey to an international standard. In 1998, the Işıkkent School was founded to become the flagship of this endeavour as a principled, non-profit and esteemed, educational institution.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors works together with the Head of School to determine the school’s philosophy, policies, strategic planning and growth objectives, and supports the school financially and morally.

Head of School’s Message

Dear Parents,

The world we live in today is very different to the one in which we grew up in. Today’s world has different expectations, challenges and applications. Accordingly, the students’ developmental process is as important as their goals for us; since neglecting developmental changes may lead to unachieved goals and unfulfilled expectations. In this sense, the collaboration between teachers, guidance & counselling departments and parents is very significant. This collaboration helps us to understand the students by considering all aspects including social and psychological development; to analyse the convenience and contribution of the steps we will take and to be consistent throughout the process.

We know that the students achieve success more easily when they are raised in peaceful and safe environments. Therefore, we take the interests, talents and skills of each student into consideration while planning and organising educational activities in our fully-equipped campus; and we work on complicated, metacognitive thinking and inquiry skills by using modern educational methods and techniques required by the 21st century.

Understanding that the future will present challenges to our students, we, as a K-12 foundation school, touch their lives in every sense and offer them limitless opportunities. In this regard, we attach great importance to the development of our students’ qualifications and competences in every area, to prepare them for the community they will live in, to increase their awareness on individual and social differences, and to develop international-mindedness. We are proud of the achievements of our students in each field and support them to explore themselves by providing them with different opportunities. Our school is also proud of its graduates who have achieved national and international success.

We would like to invite you to our campus to share this pride with us.
Sincerely yours,

Canan Harmancı
Head of School's