The Student Council

Forwards the requests and questions of the students to the school administration.
Reviews social club suggestions submitted by the students for the new academic year and hands them in to the school administration.
Creates and/or contributes to civil society initiatives.
Conducts surveys about issues regarding the school, MEB or students.
Participates in school publications in areas deemed suitable and/or suggested by the school administration.
Provides communication
for the interest of the
students; informs students, teachers and the school administration.
Helps with the election
Actively participates
in the High School
orientation programme.
Organizes various activities
to enhance the sense of belonging and communication among the students.

The High School Student Council

The Işıkkent High School Student Council consists of the Student Council executive board members and class representatives. The student council permanent members include a Chairman – elected from Grade 12 students, a Deputy Chairman – elected from Grade 11 students, a Vice Chairman – elected from Grade 12 students, a Bookkeeper and a Secretary- elected from Grade 10 students, and the members -elected from Grade 9 students. All high school students vote during the elections. One student from each class becomes the class representative due to a majority vote at the beginning of each academic year. Elected members remain in their positions until the end of the academic year.

2023-2024 High School Student Council

Sarp UçarStudent Council President
Bartu AslanStudent Council Acting President
Halil Burak KayaStudent Council Vice President
Efe BüyükkarcıStudent Council Treasurer
Elif KöklüceStudent Council Secretary
Nabi SabuncuMember

Middle School Student Council

The Middle School Student Council encourages student participation while developing leadership skills, a sense of responsibility and an understanding of democracy in action. At the end of the academic year, the student council elect their permanent members: Chairman and Deputy Chairman – elected from Grade 7 students, Vice Chairman – elected from Grade 6 students, and Secretary- elected from Grade 5 students. Before the elections, candidate students carry out their campaigns for a week. The next Student Council is formed through democratic elections. At the beginning of the new academic year, each grade elects a student representative and the representatives carry out their duties in the Council throughout the academic year. The Chairman submits the requests and needs of fellow students to the school administration. The main areas of responsibility are: to help solve problems, to have an active role in community service projects and to organise activities that will develop communication and a sense of belonging among students.

2023-2024 Middle School Student Council

Ceylin AslanStudent Council President
Kaan VuralStudent Council Acting President
Deren ArıkanStudent Council Vice President
Leyla Grace HintonStudent Council Treasurer
Erk Doğu YenalStudent Council Secretary