How students are active or passive in the classroom has an important impact on the quality of learning and the ability to reach their outcomes. We believe that not all outcomes can be achieved through in-class activities. Thus, we have developed a diverse range of activities outside the classroom.

For this reason, we are carrying out domestic and international trips to let students explore, observe and experience their curriculum topics out in the field.

All trips abroad and domestic trips are carried out in line with a plan, which states the steps to be followed prior to, during and after the trip. Since students are always informed about the objective of their trip, they not only see these trips as an opportunity to have fun, but also understand how important it is to reach their outcomes.

Students are expected to conduct academic research, analyse and inquire into certain topics during their trips.

In addition to observational trips, students use their knowledge in real life, extend their learning and understanding through a variety of activities such as conferences, debates, science fairs and tournaments.