Işıkkent School integrates the K-12 philosophy, the Ministry of Education curriculum and the IB programmes together while ensuring the vertical and horizontal alignment within its education system. It effectively conducts its academic activities in four different sections as the ELC, Primary School, Middle School and High School through the operation of the structures below:

- IB-PYP, IB-MYP ve IB-DP Coordination within each section,
- Level leaders in the ELC and Primary School,
- Middle School and High School Department Heads (Maths, Science, Turkish, Social Sciences, Literature, English, Second Foreign Languages, Visual Arts and Music, PE, ICT),
- Psychological Guidance Counsellors,
- Special Education Consultants in Primary School and Middle School,
- Prep Department,
- High School Dormitory.

2021-2022 Academic Year Info
650 students in total
70 ELC students
135 Primary School students
140 Middle School students
305 High School students
48 IB-DP students
94 Turkish, 14 foreign; in total 108 teachers
1 teacher for every 6 students
Average teaching experience 16.7 year
48 supporting staff
%20 of teachers & administrative staff have Master's or PHD degree
%66 of teachers & administrative staff at least bilingual
Each classroom in ELC 2 teachers and 20 students max.
Classrooms for 24 students max. in Primary School, Middle School and High School