As Işıkkent School, we care about the development of teachers and parents as well as the students and organize seminars on diverse topics with various experts in line with our principle of lifelong learning.

As of 2016, we have reached more than three thousand parents through our “Seminars for Tomorrow” series, which are free of charge and open to everyone, held with the participation of Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş, Erdal Atabek, Prof. Dr. Yankı Yazgan, Prof. Dr. Doğan Cüceloğlu, Doç. Dr. Taner Güvenir, Dr. Özgür Bolat and Polat Doğru.

Through Handan Oktar Early Childhood and Primary Years Conference, which has begun in 2005 and is being held every year since then, we have hosted world-renowned guests such as Dr. Jo Fahey, Prof. Dr. Kathy Short, Dr. Peggy Gallagher, Dr. Tony Humphreys, Mary Kay Morrison, Dr. Sema Süvarioğlu, Jan Millikan, Mehmet Kocabaş, Vedat Erol, Tiziana Filippini, Antonia Ferrar, Paola Strozzi and Marco Monica at our school and created an environment to broaden the teachers’ horizons and keep them informed about the current educational developments around the world.

As a school that adopts a student-oriented educational approach, we know that parents and teachers have an important role in the holistic development of students. Believing that parents and teachers may enlighten the way of students as far as their own vision and capability encourages us to continue organizing those seminars with various speakers and topics.

It is impossible to achieve lifelong success only with the knowledge and skills acquired in a certain period of time while living in an era where present knowledge loses its actuality and validity in 3-5 years and technologies, the pioneers of change, wear off in an instant. Unfortunately, it is impossible to understand our children by comparing our childhood with theirs, too. Therefore, we need to update our personal knowledge regularly just as our professional knowledge.

We believe that our conferences, seminars and training sessions are highly valuable opportunities for the participants to broaden their horizons while hearing about new ideas and inspirations, and hope that those events will reach the masses as much as possible to achieve the desired development.

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