Why to choose Işıkkent?


Işıkkent students receive education in line with the Ministry of Education curriculum as well as the IB programmes from the ELC to the end of high school. They get the chance to choose the IB-DP in high school and receive an IB Diploma along with the Ministry of Education Diploma. Many prestigious universities in our country and around the world admit students according to the grades in their IB Diploma.

Işıkkent students, who take and pass the IB Higher Level (HL) exams during their high school education, may request for exemption from some classes during their undergraduate education in line with the rules designated by the universities. 

Each Işıkkent student is raised as a sensitive, determined, honest, creative, sympathetic and hardworking individual who respects differences and is committed to national and international values.

In addition to an intensive academic education, the students participate in various extracurricular activities, which are named as the Programmes for Holistic Development, to develop their knowledge and skills in different areas such as sports and arts as well as personal growth and development.

Işıkkent students get prepared for the future as social, confident and self-aware individuals within a campus providing extensive opportunities at K12 level.

Işıkkent Students


Are aware of the importance of national and universal cultural values,
Poses scientific thinking skills and an inquiring mind,
Are committed to life-long learning making use of acquired knowledge,
Are proficient both in the mother tongue and English with an ability in the third language,
Are knowledgeable about the concept of team work and willing to put it into practice,
Are respectful to individual and cultural differences, having empathy with and understanding for others,
Are believers of a modern, secular and democratic society with a strong commitment to Atatürk’s principles.
Strive hard and contribute to self-development as well as that of the country’s,
Have high self-esteem and feeling of responsibility,
Are creative and productive,
Are able to use the latest communication methods and technology with an open mind,
Can use time and resources effectively,
Have consciousness in and sensitivity for environmental issues,
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