A system based on inquiry

In traditional classrooms, inquiring and questioning- the essentials of learning- are overlooked; and a good learning environment refers to a group of children sitting quietly, listening to the teacher and receiving knowledge passively. However, the multiple intelligence theory clearly states that it is impossible to retain knowledge in such environments, since each learner has a different level of comprehension and understanding.

We believe that students gain, organise, interpret and apply knowledge by finding answers to inquiry based questions. For this reason, it is important for us to let the students start a lesson by asking the questions they are curious about. These intrigues help students answer this important question: “Why do I need to learn this information?”

Through our programme of inquiry, which is designed for all grade levels, students find opportunities to research, synthesize, inquire and analyse the information they gather, and answer this question: “What can I do with this information?”

As a K-12 school, we encourage our students to experience learning as an aspiring life long journey. Our approach is to raise individuals who not only consume but also produce knowledge; and who research, inquire and explore through their learning process..