Visual Arts

Our rigorous and intensive study programme is supported by various social, cultural, artistic and athletic activities.

Our education philosophy encourages students to understand life through art, to use their artistic skills and imagination, to produce and to interpret the world through their own perspective. For this reason, art workshops at Işıkkent are one of the most important components of our education programme.

Since 2001, we have been displaying student work through an exhibition at the end of each academic year. Our end of year exhibition includes stunning transdisciplinary student work in which students transform a wide variety of materials into artifacts. Including year long work produced by children of all ages, the End of Year Exhibition reflects the creativity of our students.

Art And 3D Design
Visual art lessons at Işıkkent prepare students to live through the transformation of themselves into individuals who are open to global perspectives and who know how the arts contribute to the history of humanity. Students learn to be proud of, embrace and protect our cultural values, and take responsibility for handing down our historical and cultural heritage to the next generation.

An arts education at Işıkkent enables students to evaluate the role and importance of the arts in the development of societies. Students acquire the relevant terminology as well as the basic techniques and methods. Engaging with the arts, students follow the recent developments in the field and use technology in their artistic creations. Through the arts, students express themselves; extend their imagination; and transform their feelings, ideas and impressions into unique artifacts and designs.

Students take ceramics lessons in the spacious ceramics workshops. Students acquire the basics of the discipline, terminology, techniques and methods while expressing themselves through art and 3D creations.


Photography courses are given as part of the PHD programmes. The Photography Club starts with the “Photography: First Steps” course that covers basic technical, visual and aesthetic elements in photography. The course is designed according to the levels of perception and interest of the students. The content of the course is based on basic techniques in photography, introducing a sense of aesthetics and photographic perspective, having a visual perception and practicing photography.

Applied lessons are carried out inside and outside the school according to the student preferences. In applied lessons, students practise and test their photography skills through games and applications.

Students who complete the “Photography: First Steps” and “Fundamentals of Photography” programmes move up to the “Advanced Photography” programme. Students in the advanced programme learn about further techniques and aesthetics, develop visual analysis skills, and how to command the camera. Throughout the project, students create their products in a practical way through visual thinking and design, imagination and using the advantages of their cameras.

Students in both groups share their pictures and assess, pick out and comment on each other’s work. The work of students who attend club activities are displayed at the Year-End Exhibition.


Music lessons carried out at Işıkkent aim to

- Develop self-esteem, creativity and a positive attitude towards music
- Allowi students to focus on their musical interests and skills
(singing, playing, conducting creative work, research etc.)
- Extend students’ musical knowledge, interest and cultivation
- Enable students to learn and use musical terminology
- Help them acquire musical understanding, reading and writing skills
- Establish connections between music and other art forms, thus developing a sense of aesthetics.
- Transform students into conscious listeners who have a musical repertoire
- Teach students various cultural music styles and to have a global musical culture

Music lessons are parallel with our school’s student centred education approach. Students learn through active learning methods (Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly etc.) as well as the basics. In line with learning outcomes, the Early Learning Centre students use the “Music and Movement” framework.

Primary school students carry out their drama and dance lessons through the Orff method and use instruments. Students are given an environment to express themselves through music in the lessons. Students learn, research and carry out drama activities about famous composers and their work through engaging games.

Students are encouraged to play an instrument and join in the choir for concerts in the after school programmes. Students who join the Folk Dances after school programme learn to protect their customs and traditions through learning various local dances and their properties.

The Middle school students work with Orff instruments in the lessons. They harmonise using recorders and boomwhackers. Students learn about and play along with the songs of famous composers.

The Middle School Pop Band (carried out in line with the middle school after school programmes) takes the stage on special days and occasions. Students who are interested can join the violin or guitar programme.

Students who join the Folk Dance Festival after school programme enter national and international festivals, represent our school and gain experience throughout the year.

The High school students learn about musical eras, composers and their work, music and instruments around the world, Turkish music and instruments in their lessons; do research and make presentations about those topics.

In line with the after school programmes, our high school band enters the Vodafone Music Competition for High Schools. the school band represents our school in many activities held inside/outside the school as well as entering into competitions.

A capella, modern dance and percussion are also included in the after school programmes.


What makes Işıkkent different is the importance we attach to drama and music education at school. Students are encouraged to participate in stage arts starting from kindergarten. They start with puppet making and creative drama, then move on to staging productions with professional educators.

Işıkkent believes that an arts education is essential for student development. Thus, the school provides every opportunity for students to choose an art branch and go on stage. During the performances, students find the chance to work together with their peers from other grade levels. This helps students from all grades to socialise and get to know one another.

Each year we stage a musical, play or concert. These performances are enjoyed by the audience both from outside and inside the school. With its 436 seat capacity, Mediha Içel Conference Hall enables students to share their production with a vast audience.

Drama is “reaching people through people”. It is the essence of life. We design and structure our work in order to contribute to our students’ personal development and self-confidence. No matter which occupational field they choose in the future, we want our students to become individuals who

• Understand what they read
• Explain what they understand
• Reason with people
• Are empathetic
• Have a sense of aesthetics
• Are intellectual

We believe that all of the traits above lead to success. While achieving these outcomes and traits, we rehearse to stage a play at the end of the year so that we can share what we have learnt, and our understanding of a “we” culture.

Cihangir Turantaş
Tiyatro Yönetmeni

Puppet Club

Our Puppet Club carries out its activities in line with the after school programmes. Primary school students learn about the types of puppets, how to make puppets, how to become puppet masters, designing stages and decor and how to stage plays. Through these activities, students learn to use their voices and body language, express their feelings and nurture their creativity in design.

Işıkkent Puppet Club won the first place at the 2014 Forum Bornova Puppetry Contest with their play “Little Red Riding Hood”. The Club continues to stage plays every year, each more beautiful than the other. Before staging their play, students prepare their own puppets and learn how to command them; thus the students get familiar and engage with the essentials of the art of puppetry. At the end of the academic year, the students stage their plays to the ELC and Primary School students.


Sports education starting from an early age develops children physically and mentally,to have their own roles in teams, compete ın a friendly manner, and lead a positive life. Our sports facilities provide students with the perfect environment to do sports activities in a safe and secure way. Our comprehensive sports programmes are designed to reveal the full potential of students.

Teachers are models for students to become responsible, respectful and devoted good sports. Athletes who represent our school are encouraged to do the best they can, and win and lose with integrity.

Indoor Pool
The Işıkkent indoor pool enables students to learn swimming at an early age. Students acquire the habit of swimming, which contributes to their physical and mental development. All students (starting from age 3) carry out swimming lessons in the semi-olympic indoor pool. The swimming programme is focused on the development of the individual or of team swimming skills. Our school hosts many swimming events and also participates in local swimming tournaments.

A Wide Green Courtyard

One of the most important facilities at school is its wide green courtyard. It is a unique opportunity for the growth and development of our students of all ages to be able to do sports in an open area any time of the year. Our students can play team games, tennis, football and all do sorts of outdoor activities in the courtyard. This area also provides the perfect environment for the students to mingle and socialise.

Indoor Sports Halls
There are 2 indoor sports halls within our facility which enables students to carry out activities, within or after. school hours. Acquiring the habit of regular exercising is the foundation of a healthy social and physical lifestyle in children and young adults. Students from all ages can develop their athletic skills in the Işıkkent Sports Complex, which provides them with a rich environment to carry out a wide variety of sports activities to become healthy individuals.