Application for High School

Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation Işıkkent Middle School Students can directly enrol into the High School. Students who received a punishment from the Student Behaviour Assessment Committee (ÖDDK) lose their right to directly enrol into the High School.

- Students from outside IEK can apply for the Işıkkent Anatolian High School with their LGS (High School Entrance Exam) points.
- Applicants should fill out and hand in the Candidate Student Enrolment Form.
- All students are enrolled in the preparatory class by default.
- Students who pass the Proficiency Exam can enrol to Grade 9.
- Students transferring to IEK during 10-12 grades must apply to the registration office with the following;

A transcript
- Discipline records
- A parent letter that explains the reason for changing schools
- A candidate Student Enrolment Form

Students who apply on time with the necessary documents will enter the placement test of the relevant grade. Students who pass the test are called in for an interview.

Information gathered from the interviews and observations are assessed by the Admission Commission. The Admission Commission decides whether the student is to be accepted or not. The enrolment process of the accepted students is carried out in line with the official enrolment calendar announced on the website. If the quota is not filled then the admission process is carried out in line with the same procedure.