In accordance with the Ministry of Education Pre-school and Primary School Regulations published in the Official Gazette numbered 30827 dated July 10, 2019 the following is considered during the enrolment process:

- Children who will be 57 and 68 months of age until the end of September can be enrolled in the kindergarten in the same academic year. After the enrollment processes of children who live nearby and will begin the PS next academic year are finalized, other children who are 36-56 & 45-56 months of age can be enrolled in the kindergartens and nursery schools that meet physical requirements.

- If the number of students is not sufficient to form a group, students between 36-68 months can be enrolled in the same class.

- Children who are between 67-69 months of age, who did not receive preschool education previous year and whose enrollments to the PS have been postponed for one year are prioritized when they apply for preschool.


Işıkkent ELC accepts students within the limits of the quota. Parents are required to do the following in order to apply to the ELC:

a- Fill in the Candidate Student Enrolment Form
b- Visit the school on the set date and hour with the intended student, and exchange information.
c- Have interviews with the ELC Homeroom Teacher and Counsellor to introduce the student.

Information gathered from the interviews and observations are assessed by the Admission Commission. The Admission Commission decides whether the student is accepted or not.

The enrolment process of accepted students is carried out in line with the official enrolment calendar announced on the website. If the quota is not filled then the admission process is carried out in line with Articles b and c.