Deniz Göktepe
How does Deforestation in Madagascar affect Biodiversity?

Project Global Context
Globalization and Sustainability
Inquiry Question
How can we raise awareness of deforestation in Madagascar?
Global Sustainable Goal
Life on Land
Project Abstract
As my personal project I researched the reasons behind deforestation in Madagascar and how this was affecting the biodiversity. My goal was to spread awareness, in order to achieve my goal, I did a presentation about my research to 8th graders and collected feedback forms from my audience to see whether I was able to achieve my goal. Deforestation in Madagascar was a global problem and something had to be done to save the island and the biodiversity it held, because of this, I chose globalization and sustainability as my global context. My project connects with 15th goal of Sustainable Development Goals, Life on Land. In this goal, the aim is to protect the environment and stop biodiversity loss, which connects with my project very well. During this project I also developed some skills such as critical thinking, explanation skill and analytical thinking. As a result of my project I was able to spread awareness to my audience and make more people aware of this serious problem we are facing. After looking at my feedback forms I can proudly say that my project was a success and I was able to achieve my goal.