Arda Deniz Celep
Designing and modeling a tower crane by using the principle of physics.

Project Global Context
Scientific and Technical Innovation
Inquiry Question
What is the impact of physics in humans lives?
Global Sustainable Goal
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Project Abstract
When I started working on my project the first thing that came to my mind was the aim of the project. My aim was simple. It was to show how intertwined humans were with physics.
My global context is scientific and technical innovation. Science and technical innovations develop every passing day and these innovations help humans in many ways. For this reason, I chose “scientific and technical innovation”. Later I had to choose a global sustainable goal. My sustainable goal was Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. This goal is about building resilient infrastructure. To build strong infrastructure you need a strong tower crane. Throughout my project I gained many things: I gained better time management by researching little by little everyday, improved my communication skills. Also I understood how communication is a tool of gaining information. Besides, I improved my research skills because this project is dedicated on researching. My project could be important for others because it could inspire people or it could improve other peoples imagination.