School-parent cooperation is one of the most important ways of increasing student success. Parents have a significant role in the creation of a safe and organised school environment. The primary goal of parent participation is to support school staff in the organisation of school activities and to make contributions according to their own professions and qualifications. They also help students to be peaceful and happy at school by establishing strong connections.

The Işıkkent Parent Teacher Associations play a substantial role by maintaining continuous parent-school communication, integrating parents into the school, providing cooperation between the school and parents, and supporting educational activities. As social partners, Işıkkent Parent Teacher Associations work to plan and realise social responsibility projects by cooperating with the school administration. They also make contributions to improve quality and content of these projects.

Our Presidents

Ekin KanakELC PTA[email protected]
Ahu AkbulutPrimary School PTA Chairman[email protected]
İpek ÖzgillerMiddle School PTA Chairman[email protected]
Beyhan PayaslıHigh School PTA Chairman[email protected]