We celebrated Library Week by doing unforgettable activities with our ELC and PS students for two weeks. Our teachers and students participated in a lot of individual and group activities throughout these two weeks. We thank all students and teachers who attended the Library Week activities. ELC and PS students celebrated Library Week by doing various activities below: Our first graders played the game “Alfabeyi Yerim” in their library lesson, made puppets of books and characters covered in the BGP of Sustainability, and gave them as a gift to the library. They also invited the author of a book they read and had a discussion with her. Our second graders shared the story they wrote in the library lesson with ELC 2 students. They also created story cubes for their favorite books in the BGP of Sustainability and gave them as a gift to the library. Our third graders joined the presentation and discussion on “What Purpose Does a Library Serve?” in their library lesson and played the game “Bu Kitabın Yeri Neresi?”. They also analyzed fairy tales, chose characters from them, and imitated the characters to ELC, Grades 1 & 2. Our fourth graders participated in “Library at Sunset” activities on Friday afternoon. They solved puzzles about books and played baton relay races in the gym. Also, they combined soil and seeds to make a seed ball to keep as a memento of the day. They played a coding game about the books they read throughout the year. After dinner, they participated in dance, creative drama, and poster-designing activities.