IBDP Year 1 student Rana Aydiner, MS students Ece Ulku, Gunes Samuray, Sude Akcan and Su Yazici initiated a project with the aim of developing leaders with high social consciousness and included the Sustainable Development Goals into their global action plan. Under the name of “StRanGErS”, our students looked at the perspectives of students, teachers and parents regarding the pandemic that has been affecting the whole world since March 2020. The Instagram account, which was named as “Social Influencers”, is now active to raise awareness among parents as well as students and teachers, who have had to study/work from home since the beginning of the pandemic. With this project, our students aim to inform people about latest life skills as well as new habits that will help us become more sensitive not only towards ourselves but also towards the society and nature in the new normal. The members of “StRanGErS” had been preparing for this project since October by taking a training from Social Media Expert Atiye Celikel on “Social Media Management” and another training from Film Maker and Creator Ufuk Yargi Guler on “Short Film Making”. A short time ago, they started sharing posts about their project on social media. In line with the Sustainable Development Goal No.11 on “Waste Management”, our students explain how to compost raw or cooked food waste easily at home on Instagram @iek_sosyal_etki_yaratanlar. We invite all IEK members to follow the “StRanGErS”, get information about their projects and attend them!