According to the legal results of the Pascal / Cayley / Fermat examinations held by the Waterloo University of Canada, which was carried out on Wednesday, March 1 , our Grade 9 student, Poyraz Yapalı, got on the world honor roll by taking 134 points out of 150 points in the Pascal exam in which 5,656 students from outside Canada participated. 12 out of 13 IEK students from Grade 9, 5 out of 9 from Grade 10, and 9 out of 12 from Grade 11 took scores well above the world average from Pascal (99,65 pts), Cayley (91,04pts) and Fermat (92,77pts) tests respectively. Grade 9 student Poyraz Yapalı, Grade 10 student Arda Demirel and Grade 11 students Doğa Melisa Demirer and Melissa Emerson received medals as the top scoring students at school. Other students were awarded “outstanding achievement” or “participation certificates” depending on their scores. Heartfelt congratulations to our students and their mathematics teachers.