We celebrated the 85th anniversary of the First Turkish Language Congress supervised by the Great Leader Atatürk on September 26th, 1932. Once again, the language day celebrations reminded us the importance of language, which is necessary for being a modern civilization, in keeping the nation alive, holding the citizens together, organising the social life, enhancing the national awareness and maintaining the culture. Our leader Atatürk referred to the significance of our language in his words: "Turkish is the language of Turkey. It is the most beautiful, richest and easiest language in the world. That’s why every Turk loves his/her language and works to improve it. Turkish language is a holy treasure for Turkish nation because our people know that language helped us protect our morals, traditions, memories, interests, and everything about us through endless disasters. Turkish language is the heart and mind of the Turkish people.” In this sense and with the aim of reminding this day to our students and raising awareness among them, we invited Hüseyin Toptaş, who dedicated his life to Turkish language and carried out a detailed research in his two-volume book named “Türkçe Dersleri” (Turkish Lessons), to our school. Mr. Toktaş gave an interactive presentation on “Dil Bilinci ve Dil Sezgisi” (Language Awareness and Insight) and answered the questions of our students. He helped students think and gain awareness about language while letting them enjoy the presentation. He gave examples about the sports comments on TV, the advertisements, and the scientists recognised in our country. By this way, he addressed his speech to students and touched their lives while raising awareness about language. We thank him very much for his contributions.