IB DP Year 1 students presented their Group 4 project, which is one of the requirements of the DP, through an online festival. Group 4 Project is a project that brings Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Systems and Societies together under the same roof. While carrying out this project, the students work on the same theme and each group consists of students from different branches of science. All students in groups collect their individual work under a specific topic and share it with their friends by using collaborative learning approaches. We held this year’s Group 4 Project Festival online due to current extraordinary conditions. The main theme “COVID-19” was divided into four subtopics and analysed by our students. The first group presented their meticulous research about how Coronavirus affects scientific experiments while the second group approached the struggle against Coronavirus by dealing with the concept of “social distancing”. The third group, on the other hand, discussed the influence of diagnosis and treatment on the spread of Covid-19. Also, they referred to the scientific researches on the age groups targeted by the virus, identified the high risk groups in the light of statistical data, presented their research on how long Covid-19 can live on different surfaces and explained the role of disinfectants in fighting against Coronavirus by using the scientific methods they learned in their lessons. The fourth group discussed how using masks may prevent the spread of Covid-19 by explaining how respiratory droplets produced by infected people transmit through coughs and sneezes, how using masks prevents this transmission and how other countries use masks to protect themselves from the virus.