ELC 3 students organized an exhibition on “Adaptation” after covering the main idea of “All Living Beings Adapt to Change” as part of their unit. Throughout the unit, our students learned new things about plants, bees, and sea turtles while working on their lifecycles as well as how they adapt to the environment and change. As a result of their inquiries, they found out how camels, ducks, chameleons, and giraffes adapt to change and how change affects their lifecycles and discussed how they can support animals to maintain their lifecycles. Also, our students took their questions home to research a living being (a plant or an animal) that has adapted to a certain environment while seeking answers to the following questions: • How does the chosen living being adapt to the environment? • How does the environment where the chosen living being lives change? • How can we support the living being to maintain its lifecycle? After completing their researches, our students first presented them in class and then shared them with Grade 1 students through an exhibition where posters, banners, models, pictures, brochures, songs, and presentations were included. Congratulations to all ELC 3 students who made us proud with their achievements!