The Destination Imagination program is based on a process-oriented creative problem solving theory and aims at developing creativity, critical thinking, team building, time management and problem solving skills. Students form teams of 4-7 members, select a technical, scientific, engineering, fine arts, improvisational or service learning challenge and work together to develop a solution to the challenge. Instant challenges also teach participants how to think fast, decide and implement the decision. DI helps all participants to acquire life-long skills in a safe and fun environment. Işıkkent Primary School and Middle School took the chance to compete with 3 teams which had been successful in the DI Turkey Affiliate Tournament held in Kuşadası, Turkey in March and represented our school and country at “Global Finals” held in Knoxville, Tennessee between May 23-26. During the Global Finals, our team “Old Stars”, which competed in the Visual Arts category, placed 27th out of 83 teams while our other team “DI Shoppers” placed 56th out of 80 teams after competing in the category of technical challenges. Our team “Paint It Up”, which competed in the Engineering category, also made us proud by placing 28th our of 61 teams. Congratulations to all students and teachers!