Within the IB MYP Programme and national curriculum, Middle school students have discussed a variety of essential topics focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Such disciplines as Individuals and Societies (Social Studies), Sciences and Language Acquisition (English) have aimed to raise awareness about such global issues as “The Importance of Water in Our Life”, “Clean Water and Sanitation “Zero Hunger”. They also had a deeper discussion on “What are the biggest problems faced by people in our community/country /worldwide?”, and thought how they could solve the issues if they ruled the country, the world. Students identified some of the biggest problems facing our community, our country and the world. By elaborating each of 17 goals, students reflected their views on the Sustainable Development Goals and what they mean to them. They focused on Biodiversity and differentiated between the needs and wants of humans and what can be done to create a future in which both people and the planet can thrive. They discussed the threats the natural World is currently facing and human behaviour and activity which cause an increase in biodiversity loss. They shared their opinions on how each of the Global Goals are impacted by biodiversity. Students also overviewed the activist Greta Thunberg’s profile and her actions and inspired by her famous speech given during the Golden Globe ceremony our students wrote their own speech as an activist to be presented in public with the theme ‘We live in a strange world’. These activities, discussions have helped the teachers in all these subjects raise the awareness about the actions we have to take in order to save the world and create a better future.