Işıkkent School has been an official member of the Global Social Leaders program, an international social responsibility project of the United Nations, for the last three years. For the sustainable development goals to be achieved by 2030, our MS and HS teams are working hard to find sustainable solutions to universal problems and take action. They competed with more than 300 student teams from 18 different countries with the projects they carried out last semester and at the end of June 2023, Future Foundations and Wellington Leadership Institution announced the results: - Our All Matters team, consisting of Efe Büyükkarcı, Diba Taşkaya, Ela Koçak, Demir Oray, Tuner Aktekin, Yalın Kanlıbaş and Çınar Ayla, delivered lessons to PS students on weekends for 10 weeks in their project in partnership with EÇEV in order for disadvantaged students to achieve equal opportunity in education, based on sustainable development goals 4, 10 and 17. With this project, our team received the “Impact Commendation Award”. - Our Gaia Couture team, consisting of Zeynep Başer, Su Yazıcı, Ayşe Kurt, Ela Mccallum, Bade Soybakış and Berat Arda Akbaş, received the "Sustainability Commendation Award" for their I-Second, or Işıkkent Second Hand Shop project, which they implemented to help clean, well-maintained and in good condition school supplies find new owners based on sustainable development goals 12 and 13. Our second-hand shop serves at our school as well. - Our Mind the Waste team, consisting of Marianna Kokkali, Lara Saybaşılı, Melis Itır Kaplan, Yağmur Tavus, Bora Tavus and İpek Atlı, has been working on bokashi and garden composting throughout the year with raw and cooked food waste from food preparations at school for the last 3 years, based on sustainable development goals 12 and 13. Our ELC students also took the lead in this. Our team received the "Top 5 for Senior Climate & Sustainability Category and Sustainability Commendation Award" for these projects. We are all very proud that our school has been recognized with such meaningful projects on international platforms. We congratulate our teams for their determined and devoted work and wish them continued success.