On Monday, September 21, our ELC and PS students participated in various activities as part of the “International Day of Peace”. ELC students started the day with stories about peace. They sang songs about peace. They learned the symbols of peace – olive branch, white pigeon and peace sign. ELC 2 students carried out a project where they painted their hands and created handprints around a picture of earth. ELC 3 students, on the other hand, created a peace sign by using their hands and bodies. PS students also celebrated the day through various activities in their classrooms. Grade 1 students inquired into the meaning of peace, wrote what they thought about peace on heart-shaped pieces of paper and created a peace sign by using that paper. Grade 2 students watched videos about peace, read the story of olive branch and wrote peoms about them. Grade 3 students inquired into the concept of peace and brainstormed about its meaning. Then, they wrote their answers to questions such as, “What color is peace?”, “How do you think peace looks like?” and “How would you picture peace?” on colorful paper and created a windmill by using that paper. Finally, they planted the windmill under a tree in our school garden and wished peace for the whole world. They learned John Lennon’s “Imagine” and sang it together in the garden. Grade 4 students looked at famous peacemakers and learned about their work. Then, they read the story of olive branch and understood why it is the symbol of peace. Finally, they wrote the peace slogans they came up with on the pictures of pigeons. All these activities helped students develop national and international perspectives.