Our PS students celebrated the 100th day of school by doing various activities during online lessons. Grade 1 students improved their counting skills in Turkish and English, counted to 100 by fives and tens and counted backwards from 100. They listened to “Snowmen” while eating 100 popcorns. They tried different operations to reach the number of 100 and became very enthusiastic when they discovered that they could reach it by adding all numbers between 1-10 and 10-1. Grade 2 students designed hats and glasses for the 100th day of school and attended the online lessons by wearing them. They sang Turkish and English songs for the 100th day of school and danced to those songs together. All students shared what affected them the most within the first 100 days of school. They also wrote poems on the same topic in their Turkish lesson. Grade 3 students added, subtracted and multiplied numbers to reach the number of 100. Then, they wrote about something they experienced and could not forget within the first 100 days of school and shared it with each other. Grade 4 students dreamt of having a super power that would help them solve global issues and participated in a creative writing activity where they explained the global issue they would like to solve and how they would solve it.